Chamber Membership

Amazing opportunities for residents, businesses, and our city.

A Lathrop Chamber membership is a great value for our residents, our businesses and our city because our advanced programs, networking events, business advocacy and business growth opportunities.

Membership in the Lathrop Chamber comes with many added benefits that a non-member cannot access. Take a look below to see a few of the benefits that our members benefit from.

Business Referrals

The Lathrop Chamber receives emails and inquiries asking for business recommendations from residents and visitors. Using our extensive online directory, the Chamber refers only members for any services requested.


A 2013 survey of Chamber and community members found that the No. 1 benefit businesses value and want from their membership is relationship-building through networking with peers and potential clients. To deliver this access, the Lathrop Chamber hosts a variety of monthly meetings, mixers and special events.

Member Marketing

The Lathrop Chamber members have private access to our online membership directory. Members may purchase mailing labels for all Chamber businesses — a valuable marketing asset that can not be as easily provided from any other location.

Government Advocacy

The Lathrop Chamber of Commerce is an advocate for the business community, monitoring local issues and providing members with relevant information on legislative affairs. Our Public Affairs Roundtable provides attendees direct, personal access to legislative and local officials.

Meeting Room Rentals

Agreements with local members that have meeting rooms can be provided at a discount because of the Lathrop Chamber. You can find all the best amenities needed to host a successful meeting or event.

Business Promotion

The Chamber offers a multitude of ways to promote your business through both paid and unpaid promotion methods. For example, upon request the Chamber posts relevant business news on the website for free and also shares member news through social media. Make sure you learn more about our other investment and sponsorship opportunities.

Chamber Directory

Reach the many visitors to our website through your company listing in our online directory. Your Chamber membership gives you control over the information you want to share in the directory to promote your business. This could include a business and contact information, directions, social media options, and much more.


Referencing a study by the American Chamber of Commerce:

“If a company is highly involved in its local chamber, consumers are 10% more likely to think that its products stack up better against competitors. Also, when consumers know that a business is a member of a chamber, they are 44% more likely to think favorably of it.”

Ribbon Cuttings

The Chamber loves to announce to the public and its other members that you are open for business. We can help you plan and host a ribbon cutting ceremony at your location. Make sure you contact us to learn more details and costs.

Discount Program

Our members benefit from some of the best member-only discounts that are not available elsewhere. Get some of the biggest discounts possible and save money at participating businesses. Take a look at some of our partners while visiting our website.

Member Signage

Once a member and have participated in our orientation meeting. All Lathrop Chamber of Commerce members will receive a local decal to visibly promote their membership and affiliation.

Tax Deduction

If you were not aware, all Chamber dues are tax-deductible as a business expense.


Lathrop Chamber membership offers leadership development at various levels. We can help professionals of both small and large size businesses.

Media Coverage

Involvement in the Chamber of Commerce will ensure that your business is named in media posts regarding Chamber events.